Night Times and City Scapes

The bright lights and the thrill of the city


Marylebone Adventure

Marylebone is one of those nice little inner city places that people know for things like Sherlock Holmes and Madame Tussauds (creepy wax figures? Sorry, but gross). More important though, are the tucked away little cafés, bars, and various spots that make it special. As soon as you leave the tube station at Baker Street, you encounter our old friend, Sherlock Holmes. A trip wouldn’t be complete without a quick photo of him towering above ...
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Record Store Day, 22 April 2017

Record Store Day has become a staple celebration of the year. And in London, the parties spread throughout the city. For the last few years, Soho has been integral to the event, with street parties and celebrations springing up all over the place. Last year it was raining. We sat in our living room looking outside at the gloomy weather. We made brunch and drank tea and wondered if the rain would ever stop. But we had places to go and things ...


So… Fuckoffee. Let’s say that a few more times. Fuckoffee. Fuckoffee. Fuckoffee. Ok I’m done. But I mean really, it’s genius isn’t it. Fuckoffee is a big player in the world of good coffee and just general café mastery. I used to go to the one on Goswell Road when I lived in Angel. I would walk down there on a Saturday, get a coffee, set up my laptop and just sit and work. When I got hungry I would get a toasted sandwich. And about 6 more ...
Staying in

Treat yourself – Oysters Kilpatrick

I think it should be clear by now that I love going out. But I also love staying in. And I really love cooking. I have a background in food, I’ve been eating it for years. And in this time I have honed my skills and come up with some stunner recipes (hold the modesty). I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I’m always striving to make the best food possible. I am going to start with my favourite ‘special’ meal. And it is super easy! Oysters. I’ve ...

Chelsea Adventure

Oh the beauty of Chelsea. Every now and then I toss up whether I would like to live in Chelsea, and I inevitably decide it probably isn’t for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love going there on a sunny Saturday. I always get off the tube at Victoria instead of Sloane Square so that I can wander past the private gardens on my way to King’s Road. One day I’ll get in those gardens somehow. The Saatchi Galley is worth a visit; the building ...

Giddy Up Coffee

The best coffee I think I have had in London wasn’t from any of the big, fancy, well documented cafes. It is just a coffee cart in a park. Though it might be important to mention that it is a smaller part of a bigger cafe. Giddy Up, Angel. Located in Islington Green. The baristas change regularly. Which to me sounds terrifying – if I find a good barista then I want to hold on to them for dear life and never let them go. But the first ...

For the love of coffee

I grew up on good coffee. Fine, call me a hipster, whatever. But I know good coffee. Generally my recommendations are considered legit. However, I warn – coffee is dependent a lot on the exact barista, and everything else being perfect. I’ve been to plenty of cafés that have been tremendous one minute and terrible the next (unfortunately my once favourite ‘Bear and Wolf’ in Tufnell Park has gone significantly downhill of late). I won’t ...

Welcome, take a seat. Tea? Wine?

It all starts here. Your journey through London and the best parts of life. Our journey together. Quaint. I want to share everything I know with you. Give me feedback. Guide me. Tell me what you want to know about. Let’s grow together. Cool, right? So pour a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. It’s nice to meet you.